Selecting Best Cigar Cutter And Best Cigar Humidor For Travelling.

If you are a stogie lover you will know how hectic it can become to travel with your cigar accessories now that there are more security measures in place keeping us safe from terrorists.

Travelling with Cigar Cutters

cutter travelling

Just to get started make sure that any good cutters that you have you keep them at home. Now type of blade items are allowed in the plane so the chances of you carrying it in your carry on luggage are also very less.

So rather then having to watch it get confiscated by airport authorities it is the best idea to keep it back at home and instead take a cheap cutter with you and put it in your luggage.

This way there is less of a chance to get it detected and even if it does you can just throw it in the trash can and move on.

Ideally I would suggest not carrying one just to avoid any hassles or risks at the airport because with more and more security measures taking place things can start to get real ugly real soon.

So ideally the best option when it comes to travelling with cigar cutters it is a good idea to not to do it or use a really cheap one that you won’t mind if it get’s thrown away.

Travelling with Cigar Humidors

Travelling with a humidor a is a piece of cake though since it is just a box that stores all your stogies. Ideally if it’s a desktop humidor you can just place it in your luggage or if it’s a small travel humidor you can just take it in your carry on luggage.

Though you have to keep in mind that because of weight restrictions it is always a good idea to travel with a small humidor that can hold like 5-6 cigars at a time. Unless you are travelling with a larger box and contains upwards of 50+ stogies then you will need to pay for the extra weight and also you will have to check on any taxes that you will have to pay for transporting them.

Along with that you will also have to look into if or not the country or state that you are going into  allows it. This is the basic research that you should have done if you plan on travelling with your cigars and your humidors.

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